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Good morning, Trench Sisters!

Thank you for your patience and encouragement as I took last week off due to left thyroid surgery. I definitely needed the rest and given the pain medication I was on, the newsletter would have been a bunch of rambling. I'm almost back to feeling like myself so will take it slow this week as my girls head back to school from spring break and I watch over other people's children. How was your spring break? 

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This week concludes our March series - Blended Tales. Darlene shares a story full of imagery about the fires that once consumed her apartment building. Be sure to check the website on Tuesday for Darlene's story! 

Catch up on all of the stories from Blended Tales on our website! 



Our April is titled - Walking Through Conflict - a series of stories about the times we are in conflict within ourselves, with others or even with the world. Come share about a time you disagreed with your family, set boundaries with your spouse, took a politic stance or waged war within yourself.  All stories regarding the theme of conflict are welcome! You can submit your story at www.storiesfromthetrenches.org/stories or email me with any questions at jen@storiesfromthetrenches.org.


Join our new Trench Community Facebook Group where you can engage, connect and interact with Trench Sisters. This group will be replacing our previous website forums but will continue to be a private group. Request to join the Trench Community here. When you join, be sure to reread our terms and policies for the group. Also please just jump into the conversation, don't be shy! Ask questions, post comments, share concerns. Our goal is create a community that leans into one another through the good, bad and ugly. 


Join me for our next Facebook Live on Sunday, April 22nd at 8:00 P.M. Central Time. I will be chatting about our conflict series, new Facebook group and upcoming stories series. 

Much Love, 

Jen G.

Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

Because I like to clump my hard seasons together, I rolled my thyroid surgery right next to Eli season. Six years ago today, we found out there was something wrong with our baby during my routine ultrasound. Six years...feels like yesterday and like forever. My heart feels weighty and heavy while my throat is still healing. Yep I apparently like to just bash all the hard stuff together. 



Friends, I need to complain about something. Now I’m not sure how this happened, who put in the order, or how it got approved, but last Wednesday my kid turned fifteen.

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The title of this story is very misleading, because I am the furthest thing from Mom of the Year—though I would like to be nominated for just this school year.

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