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Good morning, Trench Sisters!

I spent the weekend engulfed in all things March Madness. Actually the weekend began Friday afternoon where I parked my butt at my favorite sports bar to watch my alma mater play, eat the best veggie nachos and sip wine. I don't pay attention to any other sports during any other time of year, March Madness is it for me. How was your weekend? 

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March series - Blended Tales - continued last week with two of our Content Authors, Missy and Jess. Missy shared her heart about the ideals of beauty and perfection while Jess shared about balancing grief while caring for her sick son

This week Amelia and I will be sharing our blended tales so be sure to visit the website Tuesday and Thursday and also our Facebook Page to connect with us! 

We need one more trench story to finish up our March series. You can submit your story at www.storiesfromthetrenches.org/stories or email me with any questions at jen@storiesfromthetrenches.org.



Our April is titled - Walking Through Conflict - a series of stories about the times we are in conflict within ourselves, with others or even with the world. Come share about a time you disagreed with your family, set boundaries with your spouse, took a politic stance or waged war within yourself.  All stories regarding the theme of conflict are welcome! You can submit your story at www.storiesfromthetrenches.org/stories or email me with any questions at jen@storiesfromthetrenches.org.


Join our new Trench Community Facebook Group where you can engage, connect and interact with Trench Sisters. This group will be replacing our previous website forums but will continue to be a private group. Request to join the Trench Community here. When you join, be sure to reread our terms and policies for the group. Also please just jump into the conversation, don't be shy! Ask questions, post comments, share concerns. Our goal is create a community that leans into one another through the good, bad and ugly. 


Much Love, 

Jen G.

Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

This Friday I'm having outpatient surgery to have my left thyroid removed. It seems I have a growing benign nodule that is over taking the left side of my thyroid and could be begin to restrict my swallowing. I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous. I hate hospitals, going under and the idea of someone else in complete control of my body. Since it is outpatient, I will be home that evening and recovery should only be a few days. Will let you know in next week's newsletter how it went. 



I’ve always been a striver. I can’t pinpoint an exact event that led to this annoying quality that urges me to always do better, but I can see how it has affected so many of my relationships and decisions. As a teenager, I found myself to be awkward and unsure, but I carried a fake shield of confidence to distract me from my uncertainty about never being good enough. Though I appeared to some as being “cool” and “popular,” comments such as “He thinks you’re fat, Missy,” seriously fed into the insecurity that assured me I could never really be good enough. 

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Blue lights flashing, bright against the white snow, the sky dark, stars visible—although there was no time to look for them. I held my baby tight to my chest, bundled in blankets as I hurried down our driveway. His sister’s cries echoed in the otherwise quiet night, a cry of fear and confusion at our sudden disappearance. My heart was pounding, but I was outwardly calm, whispering to my little boy, “You’re ok, you’re ok,” desperate reassurance for us both. 

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