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Good morning, Trench Sisters!

It's a bitter cold day in Chicagoland, the kind where I want to hibernate with my fireplace on, sipping hot coffee with warm blankets on top of me. Also seems like the perfect day to curl up on my couch to read, engage and connect with all of you. See below for details on how to join me in our new Trench Community on Facebook. 

Last week our February series - Best Friend Therapy - kicked off with Kathleen and Missy sharing about the women who have influenced their lives. This week, Missy's friend Jen gives her friendship story and Content Author Jess is back with a friendship story of her own. 


Our next Facebook Live will be on Sunday, February 18th at 8:00 pm central time. Join me as chat about why best friends make the best therapists. 


Our February story submissions are now closed but we are accepting stories for our next series - Blended Tales. Just like our previous series, Mosaic, this series will be a beautiful mixup of stories from all topics. You can submit your story at www.storiesfromthetrenches.org/stories or email me with any questions at jen@storiesfromthetrenches.org.


It's ready - our new Trench Community Facebook Group where you can engage, connect and interact with Trench Sisters. This group will be replacing our previous website forums but will continue to be a private group. For the next few months, you will be the only ones invited into this group. Request to join the Trench Community here. When you join, be sure to reread our terms and policies for the group. 


Jen G.

Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

My youngest turns 8 years old on Friday. I'm savoring these last few days of her being 7 which I know is almost silly because 8 is pretty much like 7. But 8 feels closer to 10 and 10 feels closer to pre-teen and.... Clearly you can see the snowball of anxiety happening at the thought of my baby becoming a teenager. How do you savor these younger years and prepare for when they get older?  


More Than a Friend

LLD is how I would describe her, but her real name is Pam. What does LLD stand for? Limitless Love & Devotion. Despite having eight, (yes, I said eight children!!) to love on and care for, Pam was there for me. She totally supported me at one of my lowest points in my life.

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A Lesson in Love

It was 3:00 in the afternoon, and my phone rang. Distracted by surrounding racks of colorful clothing, I silenced my phone and placed it back in my purse. I continued shopping alongside my mother, my aunt, and my ninety-something-year-old Grandma who were visiting for Easter. As I scanned the aisles—searching for my mom who has a history of disappearing while shopping—I found a moment to check my voicemail. A sound of ringing preceded a message I will never forget. 

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