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Good morning, Trench Community!

As August continues, SFTT is in time of transition and pivoting. As you know, the SFTT team is made up of volunteers who love you and believe in your stories. However, several team had to take a leave of absence due to their own life circumstances. This creates new opportunities for you to come get involved with SFTT as the rest of the SFTT takes on new roles. We are already missing those who have left as we are encouraged about new ideas, stories and direction we are heading. If you are interested in joining the SFTT please check out our volunteer page or email me.


Our new series, Unmet Expectations kicked off last week with stories from Rebekah and Vanessa who shared heartfelt stories about events during their college years. You can still read their stories by clicking below or head to the website.

This week we have guest UK blogger, Sarah Skilton from WildDunk Camping sharing about her new organization and the reason her & her husband started it. She also writes about her family & autistic son at BellybuttonPanda. You are going to love Sarah's open and honest story and her organization. Our second story comes from previous SFTT contributor, Missy, who shares about parenting her own special needs son. 


Next Facebook Live with Jen will be Sunday, August 13th at 8:00 pm central time. Join me as I share more about our current series - Unmet Expectations, our new pivot, upcoming September series and other ramblings. Feel free to ask questions and engage too! 


We are currently looking for women to share their trench stories for our September series - Mosaic. You can get started on the Submit a Story page of the website or send me an email if you would like to share but don't know how to write your story.

Jen G.

Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

In my house, we are heading into two August birthday weekends for my oldest and myself. Unfortunately Chicago weather is not cooperating with our original plans. I was forced to face that look of disappointment on my oldest face (dear child I cannot control the weather) while coming up with a last minute creative new plan. I think I've got the new plan all dazzled for her but still no clue on her actual gift. Got any ideas on what to get a fun, swimming loving, easy going 12 year old girl? All suggestions would be welcomed as my brain just is not coming up with anything. 


When thinking about college, I never thought I would become a dropout. 

In high school I received good marks, at least until my sophomore year in March 2011. Then it seemed to fall apart. My sense of duty to earn good grades disappeared. I no longer did the activities I loved. I began to hate going to school, especially if my homework wasn’t done. I would often beg my mom to let me stay home so I didn’t have to deal with the consequences of unfinished homework or lack of studying. 

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Have you ever walked through a dry season of your life where you can’t hear God? And everything you do to try to hear Him just isn’t working? I’m sure anyone who has a relationship with God can relate on some level.  Ever since my dad passed away in April 2016, I’ve been walking through a dry season. I’m still working it out. 

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