High School Pep Talk

Shared by Amelia Bennett - SFTT Editor 


There's this scene in The Incredibles. Do you remember it? The mom expands to wrap completely around her children to protect them. 

Today, I wish like I've never wished before, that I could do that for you. I wish I could wrap all the way around you and protect your precious heart from the hurts you might receive today at school. 

I want you to wear me like armor today. I want you storming the gates of your school so full of my belief in you that your classmates fall back and your teachers stand up straighter. 

If you're scared, I want you to put me on like a backpack. Cinch my straps up tight so I can whisper powerful truths into your ear. "You are compassionate and mighty. You are forgiving and generous. You are brilliant and good. You are filled with dreams that will come true in ways even better than you could ever believe. You are going to be okay. I love you."

You turned my heart from a tiptoe into a stampede, child. You made my love into this powerful force that can destroy buildings and stand up in the face of terrifying monsters. All the greatest things I have ever done have been accomplished because of the way you taught my heart to love as bravely as it possibly can. 

And high school is scary, my child. You're allowed to be scared. But when you're finished with that, with the smallness of your school, your classmates and their weak, lifeless hearts, swallow it down. Let it tumble in your guts until it's polished smooth. 

It will become the stone you use to slay giants.