Additional Resources: Special Needs Parenting

This week, we heard stories from two people who have experienced trenches as parents of special needs children—stories of hurt but also stories of growth and healing. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who are also in this trench. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!


Different Dream Parenting, by Jolene Philo (Amazon, B&N)

The Special Needs Parent Handbook, by Jonathan Singer (Amazon, B&N)


The Arc →

This website advocates on behalf of special needs families and individuals, teaching local communities how to be more inclusive and supportive. Find a local chapter to join, create your own, or explore the other online resources—including blogs, an online community, and a job board.

Parents Helping Parents →

This organization endeavors to "help children and adults with special needs receive the support and services they need to reach their full potential." Visit the site to find online resources and to connect with other parents of special needs children. | 22 Best Mobile Apps for Kids with Special Needs →

These mobile apps—for phones or tablets—have the potential to "enable children with developmental delays and other special needs to acquire life skills, engage in self-directed play, and perhaps most importantly facilitate communication with their caregivers."

Music for Children with Special Needs →

These songs were developed to "help teach social skills, motor skills and various activities of daily living. The music and lyrics of these songs were written with the guidance of speech and music therapists."