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Good morning, Trench Dwellers!

I hope you got a chance to read this week's stories, all of which were shared from the male perspective. James gave insight into the beauty and struggles with interracial marriage. Steve and Beau shared their own joys and challenges with parenting a special needs son.


This week, we end our June series with two special guest bloggers. An unexpected bonus of running SFTT is that I get the pleasure of meeting other bloggers, website owners, and nonprofit dreamers. I stumbled across Stacy's blog, You Gotta Kiss A Lot of Frogs, and fell in love with her honest wit as she writes about dating life after divorce. Her story this week will share how she overcame the pain of that divorce. Mandi and I met via a wonderful, unexpected email. She runs Married by Mandi, where she helps couples create a one of the kind wedding ceremony. This week, Mandi will share her story with the Trench community and her thoughts on how to have a successful marriage.

Our featured forum question can be found in the Divorce category this wek: What are some lessons learned from divorce and being single again? Click here to log in and share your answer.


We have several volunteer openings. If you have a passion for women, stories, and loving others, be sure to check our openings on the Volunteer page of our website.

For our August series, we are looking for stories from young women and college students. Do you have a Trench story about college or university? Have you recently graduated and are now struggling to find a job or realizing that coming home isn't quite like you expected? Share your story with us here.

Jen G.
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Jen's Journal

We are about to be done with our first home remodeling project. I'm ready to have our bedrooms back and stop living in our basement. I have missed my closet and knowing where things are. It's going to be another few weeks (or even months) until that part of our home looks how I have envisioned it, but I am grateful that I will soon be sleeping in my beautiful new bedroom. Do you have any experience with remodeling projects? I'd love to hear from you—share the good and the bad.

Recent Stories and Resources

Additional Resources: Special Needs Parenting

This week, we heard stories from some of our Trench brothers—writing about interracial marriage, fatherhood, and special needs parenting. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who share these trenches. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!

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Responding in Love

My heart hurts for all the people who experience the prejudices surrounding interracial relationships. The times have changed since the 1950s, when a person would speak their mind, detailing how they could not or would not stand to see people of different ethnicities holding hands, kissing, or even getting married.

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Growing as a Father

Carrie and I met in college, and were friends—just friends—for two years before we started dating. (near Christmas in 1997). It was only a matter of months before I fell deeply in love with her and very much wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Yet shortly after this, and as we began planning our wedding and our life together, the topic of children understandably came up. The more I thought about this, the more I froze and panicked at the prospect.

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A Father's Test

As the traffic light turns red, we come to a stop, and simultaneously, I cringe. My head goes low, my shoulders shrug, and I brace for what I know is coming. To an outside observer, it looks like I’m bracing for an imminent car crash, but no forceful, physical impact comes. Instead, there’s collision of emotional turmoil.

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