Additional Resources: Special Needs Parenting

This week, we heard stories from some of our Trench brothers—writing about interracial marriage, fatherhood, and special needs parenting. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who share these trenches. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!


Special Children, Blessed Fathers, by Randy Hain

Father's Day: A Journey into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son, by Buzz Bissinger

Following Ezra: What One Father Learned About Gumby, Otters, Autism, and Love From His Extraordinary Son, by Tom Fields-Meyer

Devoted: The Story of a Father's Love for His Son, by Dick Hoyt

Waiting for Eli: A Father's Journey from Fear to Faith, by Chad Judice


10 Special Needs Organizations You Should Know About →

This list offers links to ten organizations for special needs families—organizations that offer physical and financial support, practical advice, educational resources, employment assistance, community connections, local events and programs, and more.

Friendship Circle →

"Friendship Circle chapters in local communities create meaningful relationships and friendships between teen volunteers and children with special needs, increasing confidence, igniting dreams, and redefining worldviews for both parties."

Support for Special Needs →

This blog is written by two parents of special needs children, who share their everyday experience and insight—along with practical resources and support—with a community of special needs families.

Bayada | Eight Support Groups for Parents Raising Children with Special Needs →

For special needs families, "feelings of isolation are common. It is important to remind yourself that you are not alone, there are others out there who can relate to your circumstance."

Parent Center Hub | Parent Groups →

This website offers a list of resources for special needs families wanting to connect online or in person—to learn from one another, to share practical advice, and to find a sense of community.