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Good morning, Trench Sisters!

Our May series is titled Motherhood: A Love So Deep, and it began last week with two beautiful stories from Debbie and Dawn. Debbie shared about her son Jacob's legacy, while Dawn shared heartfelt letters to her daughter Zoey and to the community of grieving parents. Read their stories on the blog or find links to each story below.


We continue our series this week with Danielle and Karissa's stories. Danielle has written about baby Tanner and how a normal pregnancy can go so wrong, so fast. Karissa will be sharing about the pain and devastation of infertility. I hope both women's stories will help to open our hearts and eyes to trenches that so many women have gone through.

As we move forward with our community, check out the forums for more opportunities to engage and connect with our authors and other women who have gone through—or are still going through—one of your trenches. The message boards are broken out by topic, so feel free to dive into an existing discussion or start a new conversation about your circumstances. Join the discussion today!


Join me for our Mother's Day Facebook video chat on Sunday, May 14, at 8 p.m. CDT. I will continue to share about this month's theme of motherhood and child loss, talking with you about how we can honor Mother's Day with some love for ourselves.

Also, for those in the Chicagoland area, we are having our first live event! Join us for Just Breathe: A Women's Wellness Event on Saturday, June 3, from 1 to 3 p.m. at Farm-Land in Wauconda, IL (click here for directions). I've partnered up with Sally Dingle, from Empowered by Oils, and Jordan, the owner of Farm-Land, for an event that will help you stay centered as you move through your trenches. More details and Facebook invites be will posted this week.


We are looking forward to our first summer season together! We have already started planning our summer stories, and in the month of June, we would like to hear from men—to hear their perspective on the trenches they have faced, particularly related to fathers and fatherhood. Is there a man in your life who would be willing to share his story with us?

Jen G.
Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

I did something yesterday that I never imagined I could do: I joined 14,000 others to run/walk a 5K. I never thought this once obese body would be at this place of health and be able to keep up with so many fit runners. The race felt surreal and magical as I surveyed the sea of green shirts and thought, Yes, I can do hard things. This new body of mine sometimes fails me, but most of the time, I'm so very grateful for this second chance at a healthy life. What did you do this past weekend? Did you dare yourself to try something new?

Recent Stories and Resources

Additional Resources: Child Loss

This week, we heard stories from women who have experienced the trench of child loss. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who are also in this trench, no matter how far along you are. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!

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Sculpted by Grief

No one thinks they'll ever belong to the child-loss club, and no one ever wants to be part of it. I wish I didn't belong to it—but unfortunately, I do. Although Jacob wasn't technically at the age of an infant or child when he passed, he was still my child.

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Love Wins

To the parents who have just joined this “club” of child loss, I’d welcome you to your new group—your new tribe. But honestly, we didn’t want you here. We really didn’t want anyone else to join us. Because it’s awful. I know I’m supposed to be here giving you hope and encouraging you, and we’ll get to that. But right at this moment you need to know what’s ahead of you.

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