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Good morning, Trench Dwellers!

We have been having some debate about the name of our trench community—Trench Dwellers, Trench Sisters, Trench Climbers—the team is in full discussion on what name to use. Will you help us decide? Or do you have a different suggestion? We are looking for a bold name that signifies we are walking these trenches together and tackling these trenches head-on.


Last week, Anna and Jess shared with us the loss stories of their children and had our hearts breaking and eyes weeping for them. You can still read and comment on their stories on the blog (or find the links to their stories down below). Our current series, Motherhood: A Love So Deep, continues for two more weeks. This week, Kate and Kristen share their broken, aching hearts with us after suffering their own child loss. These brave, beautiful women are trying to keep their heads up as they navigate through the grief trench.


For those in the Chicagoland area, we are having our first live event! Join us for Just Breathe: A Women's Wellness Event on Saturday, June 3, from 1 to 3 p.m. at Farm-Land in Wauconda, IL (click here for directions). I've partnered up with Sally Dingle, from Empowered by Oils, and Jordan, the owner of Farm-Land, for an event that will help you stay centered as you move through your trenches. Get more information and register at www.storiesfromthetrenches.org/justbreathe.

Check out our Facebook Live event this Sunday, June 4, at 7:30 p.m. CDT for a recap of our Motherhood series and the Just Breathe event, as well as a look ahead at what the SFTT team has planned for the summer.


Our June and July stories schedules have been filled! We are beginning to plan August and the fall. Are you a college student or recent college graduate who has a trench story to share? Are you the parent of a college student who could share what life is like being an "empty nester"? Do you have a back-to-school trench story? You can submit your story at www.storiesfromthetrenches.org/stories or email me with any questions at jen@storiesfromthetrenches.org.


We are going to spend the summer focusing on engaging and connecting as a community. A great way to do that is in our forums: www.storiesfromthetrenches.org/forums (bookmark the site from your phone to check in regularly). You will need to create an account—with a unique username and password, separate from what you use to comment—for the sake of privacy. But once you're logged in, you can join an existing conversation or start your own! Message boards are split up by trench topic, and we also have a fun "coffee and tequila" section for general chit-chat. Be sure to stop by there every day (or turn on notifications for your favorite threads to know when someone has posted something new).

This week's forum question: What's on your summer reading list or your favorite summer read? Come engage and connect in the forums today!

Jen G.
Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

Eli turned five last week, and my soul definitely took a pitching dive. I spent his birthday daydreaming of the boy he would now be. The dream was so wonderful that I could not shake the "this is not how it should be" feeling. I would say I spent the week throwing temper tantrums at God while being gently reminded of all the good that is in my life now. Good things that Eli left as beautiful gifts to us. I'm done throwing my temper tantrums (for now) and resting in all the amazing, life-changing gifts. What good things are in you thankful for this week?

Recent Stories and Resources

Additional Resources: Child Loss

This week, we heard stories from women who have experienced the trench of child loss. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who are also in this trench. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!

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Gone Ahead

“Half a dozen eggs and a five-pack of grave candles,” I say to myself, watching the conveyor belt roll past. Avoiding the eyes and smiles of curious children perched in shopping trollies, I acknowledge that this is “normal” now. These are the scenes of the “new normal.”

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The Butterfly

I gently held out my hand, slowly extending my fingers toward the flowers. The butterfly perched there, still for a moment, as if taking a deep breath before suddenly fluttering off into the sky. I watched it fly away with tears in my eyes. There was beauty in its freedom, but sadness too, as we had been together for a while.

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