Additional Resources: Child Loss

This week, we heard stories from women who have experienced the trench of child loss. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who are also in this trench. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!


Empty Cradle, Broken Heart, by Deborah L. Davis (Amazon, B&N)

Grief One Day at a Time, by Alan D. Wolfelt (Amazon, B&N)

Understanding Your Grief, by Alan D. Wolfelt (Amazon, B&N)

Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist (Amazon, B&N)

It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too), by Nora McInerny Purmort (Amazon, B&N)

A Time to Mourn: Growing through the Grief Process, by Verena Kast (Amazon, B&N)

Finding Grace in Life and Death, by Heather Browning (Amazon, B&N)

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence, by Father Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure and Blessed Claude de la Colombière (Amazon, B&N)

Confidence in God, by Daniel Considine (Amazon)


YouTube | Thy Will, by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family →

This song is in honor of Hillary Scott's child loss through miscarriage.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking →

This podcast, hosted by Nora McInerny, was shared by one of our authors: "Not specific to just child loss but, a bit like Stories from the Trenches, it covers all sorts issues including grief, illness, and lots more."


Letters to Jonah →

This blog is written by Joli Skow, a penpal of one of our authors; they met through a Facebook support group. Joli's son, Jonah, died from heart block, and her blog provides massive comfort to other loss moms.

Missing Emmett | Music of My Heart →

A blog post by another one of our authors, who shared how music gave her new meaning after loss.

The TEARS Foundation →

This non-profit organization "seeks to compassionately assist bereaved parents with the financial expenses they face in making final arrangements for their precious baby who has died." Their website offers many emotional and financial resources for grieving parents.

Facebook | Grieving Parents Support Network →

"The Grieving Parents Support Network's intention is to facilitate bereaved parents to support and uplift other bereaved parents."

Instagram →

As one of our authors shared, "I've connected with tons of other angel moms [on Instagram] using the hashtags #angelmommy and #pailawareness." (Download the Instagram app for iOS or Android.)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep →

The Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep mission is to "introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture."

Facebook | Hydrops Fetalis Support Group →

"This group is for families (parents, grandparents, and caretakers) of babies who have faced Hydrops Fetalis."

Facebook | Turner Syndrome Support Society →

This group offers "support and information to both girls and adult women with Turner Syndrome, their families and friends."

Turner Syndrom Support Society →

This group is "a national charity caring for the needs of those with Turner Syndrome throughout the United Kingdom." They offer resources about diagnosing TS, related medical terminology, and treatment and healthcare options, as well as knowledgable advice and support.