Mother's Day

We dedicate this Mother's Day to the special women in your life and your own motherhood. But this day isn't always special for every woman, a fact I didn't realize until Eli passed away—Mother's Day feels a bit emptier now.

So on this day:

To grandmothers, may you reflect and delight in the legacy you have crafted. 

To mothers with adult children, may you relish in the bond you have formed. 

To mothers with teenagers, may you have strength to get through the hard stuff. 

To mothers with middle school kids, may you know that the hormones do shift and it does get better. 

To mothers with elementary school kids, may you enjoy these days because they grow up so fast. 

To the mothers with toddlers, may you have bravery to face more potty training today and know they won't go to kindergarten in a diaper. 

To the new mothers, may you hold tight, rock gently, and sing softly. 

To the stepmothers, may you know that your love is just as important. 

To the foster moms and adoptive moms, may you know that your love is appreciated, desperately needed, and contagious. 

To the moms without their children, may you know that you did the very best you could and your love will always be enough. 

To the women who are trying to children, may you continue the path with courage and your head held high that no matter the outcome you are worthy & beautiful. 

To the women who cannot have children, may you know that you are not less than but truly amazing. 

And to women whose moms, grandmothers, aunts, all the influence in your life are no longer here on this earth....know they are looking down on you with pride as you live out the legacy they left behind in you.

Happy Mother's Day, Trench Sisters. Even if today is hard, may you know that are loved. 

Much love,