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Good morning, Trench Dwellers!

I hope you had a chance to read Katy and Debra's stories last week. Both were beautiful, brave stories about motherhood: Katy talked about letting go of her unhealthy relationship with her mom, and Debra shared about losing her daughter, Ruby.


For this entire week, we have our first collaboration with Robin Helget, a mental health therapist in Kansas City. Robin created My Rise Story, a website that offers support and community, as well as online coaching. Her mission is to help others rise by building resilience, finding identity, and cultivating strength and empowerment. She calls herself a recovering perfectionist, a Type A personality, and a survivor. I am very excited to share Robin's beautiful brave stories and her mission for helping others this week!


We have a new home for all of our volunteer opportunities and for our upcoming story themes. We have such an amazing team at SFTT, and we want to add even more creative talent and skills to move us forward. Get more information about joining the SFTT team:

We also want to offer a sneak peak at upcoming themes and series, so you can see where your brave trench story fits. See what's coming up and share your story:

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Recent Stories and Resources

Additional Resources: Loss

This week, we heard stories from women who have experienced the trench of loss—loss of a parent and loss of a child. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who are also in this trench, no matter how far along you are. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!

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Lost in a Sea of Distrust

“Her mom doesn’t like her.”

I was not prepared for my daughter’s words as they came from the backseat of the car while I was taking my niece home.

“Why does your mom not like you?” my niece asked.

That conversation confirmed this new stage of grief. My own mother doesn’t like me and never will.

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The Pain and the Gratitude

It all started with being jerked awake by some kind of sixth sense. I figured it out quickly: something was wrong with my four-month old daughter. I remember screaming at my husband, “Something's wrong!”

He took one look at her and told me, “Call 911.”

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