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What do you think about our current marriage series, Wholehearted? The four stories shared so far have been full of wisdom, passion, and insight into how to have a thriving marriage. This past week, Cindy and Valerie's stories offered us hope that, even after years of marriage with ups and downs, you can lean into your spouse and survive whatever comes your way. You can still read their stories on the blog. Also, check out our additional resources for marriage based on suggestions from our authors and the Trench community.


This week, we will wrap up our Wholehearted series as my husband and I share about loss and grief in marriage. In his first story with the Trench community, Tim gets brutally honest and vulnerable about our marriage after losing our son, Eli. My marriage story parallels with Tim's but from an entirely different perspective. We both share the struggles to hold our marriage together while falling apart in grief. It was extremely emotional and hard to write these stories, but we both believe that if our stories resonate with even one person then the inner turmoil is well worth it.


We are looking for women to share their trench stories as part of our next series: Beautifully Messy March. We want to head into March without themes or weekly topics—just women sharing all kinds of different trench stories. You can submit your story online or email me with any questions.

For the month of April, we are looking for families, friends, or married couples to share a trench story from two different perspectives. Do you have a child who has struggled with addiction, and would you both share what that trench was like? Did your best friend hold you hand through a divorce or the loss of a loved one, and would you both be willing to give your perspectives? Could you and your significant other share how you got through the worst storm of your partnership?

Jen G.
Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

I feel like a lot of settled dust was kicked up as I wrote my marriage grief story for this week. So much so that I've been a bit on edge knowing it was coming out soon. Writing about Eli feels much easier because he is a gift that should be shared, but my marriage after he died was a war that was waged within the walls of our home. I don't think many of our family members or even close friends knew how close we were to divorce or honestly how close I was to calling it quits. So I head into this week feeling vulnerable, exposed, and raw.

Maybe, just maybe, you are feeling this way too, so head over to our forums and let's connect with one another. We can chat, give each other internet hugs, and encourage one another through the rawness.

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This week, we will be continue to hear stories about marriage and shared trenches. But the stories are just the start—continue the support, conversation and encouragement in the blog comments and in the forums:

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Recent Stories and Resources

Additional Resources: Marriage

This week, we heard stories from women who have experienced trenches in their marriages—stories of shared struggles and shared healing. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those who are also sharing a trench with a spouse. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!

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Sharing Life Together

My husband and I grew up in the country near a thriving town of approximately 1,200 people. It’s a small, midwestern village where everyone knows everyone. The average class size at our school was, and still is, seventy people per grade. Needless to say, I’ve always at least known who my husband was.

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Finding Ourselves Together

Years ago, my girlfriend Debra called me, wanting to go out partying. I agreed, but reluctantly, because I was trying to get over a heartbreak. This heartbreak was from a guy I worked with. We had dated for about a year or so. He’s what we call a player.

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