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Good morning, Trench Dwellers!

Welcome to the second week of our Wholehearted series about love, marriage, and endings that don't always feature the prince coming to the rescue. I hope you were touched and encouraged by Vanessa and Britni's stories.


This week, we continue the Wholehearted series with stories from Cindy and Valerie—two beautiful marriage stories that share how your relationship can survive and thrive even after years of marriage, through change and through rocky times. Both women give insight and encouragement on how to get past those speed bumps and how to love your spouse even when it is hard.


We are looking for women to share their trench stories as part of our next series: Beautifully Messy March. We want to head into March without themes or weekly topics—just women sharing all kinds of different trench stories. You can submit your story online or email me with any questions.

For the month of April, we are looking for families, friends, or married couples to share a trench story from two different perspectives. Do you have a child who has struggled with addiction, and would you both share what that trench was like? Did your best friend hold you hand through a divorce or the loss of a loved one, and would you both be willing to give your perspectives? Could you and your significant other share how you got through the worst storm of your partnership?

Jen G.
Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

I hate being sick! I get sick every January or February or both. Even as a kid, winter would come and knock me out with some kind of harsh cold. You would think by now I would know it was coming, prepare for it, and just roll with it. Instead, I'm whining, moaning and downright annoyed. Oh body of mine, don't you know there are things to be done and I don't have time to be exhausted!

But the truth is, sickness for me means that it is time to slow down—and I'm actually forced to do it. It's my body's yearly reminder that is it okay to stay in bed for a day, cancel plans, and watch outrageously stupid reality TV (did you know Cosmo has their own show now?!)—all of which I did yesterday. How was your weekend? Did you catch the sick, too, and if so, what incredibly bad TV did you watch?

Recent Stories and Resources

Finding My Voice

My story is about forgiveness, love, and restoration. This is my story.

I never thought these events would be part of my story, but I am glad they are. My husband and I have been married for about seven and a half years. We married when I was twenty-three and he was thirty-two. I always thought marriage would be easy as long as we loved each other. The first few years were great because we were still in the "honeymoon" stage. We had our son in 2012.

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When Love Hurts

I met R at the young age of 21. I moved from Chicago to Arizona after a suicide attempt, and there was so much I had to figure out. I needed to get away from my home and the life I created—a life with absolutely no boundaries, thanks to my own lack of discipline.

If I moved to a new place, everything would automatically be different, or so I thought. It wasn’t too long before I realized it could only be different if I made different choices.

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