Weekly Newsletter

Good morning, Trench Sisters!

My apologies for not getting this to you sooner. I decided to take a few days to turn off technology to  enjoy alone time with my family and all the joy that comes with the holiday. 


I'm so excited to introduce Missy, Amelia and Jess to you all! Each woman has such a unique voice, background and perspective that I know you will connect with them. Having regular content authors allows each of us to connect to an actual person, engage in conversation and further the discussion on our social media pages.

Our January plan is as follows: 
Week 1 - Missy
Week 2 - Amelia
Week 3 - Jess
Week 4 - Jen aka me

Each author will be introduced in the weekly newsletter with a bio then during their week will have two stories posted, a woman they are crushing on and suggested resources. Our 2018 schedule for posting will stay the same with Monday Newsletter, Tuesday Story, Woman Crush Wednesday, Thursday Story and Friday Resources. You will also get a chance to interact, connect and engage with them on our new private Facebook page (see below for more details) and email them directly (provided in their weekly newsletter). 


Our new private Facebook group will begin on January 1st! For the month of January will be open to just email subscribers (head to the bottom of our website page to sign up today!). A link for this new Facebook group will only be provided in next week's newsletter. We hope this will provide more online connection and conversation within our Trench Community! 


The theme for the month of February will be on the topic of Friendship. Share a story about a friend that you helped through their trench or how a friend helped you through yours. Begin your friendship submission here. 

Have a story that doesn't fit our February theme? We are collecting stories for our March & April themes that will again be a melting pot of stories. Start the submission process today! 


Jen G.

Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

How was your Christmas? Did you head out of the house for family festivities or bunker down at home like we do? Before the holiday, we took our girls downtown Chicago to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas in Chicago. We strolled through State Street seeing Macy's windows, headed inside to see the giant tree in the Walnut Room, grabbed chocolate at Kriskringle Market and then spent hours walking through the twinkle wonderland of Lincoln Park Zoo. Sisters it was truly magical and can't wait to do it again next year. What holiday adventures did you go on?