Weekly Newsletter

Good morning, Trench Sisters!

Christmas is eight days away and I'm feeling the overwhelming time crunch. My bedroom is quite chaotic with wrapping paper, tissue paper, boxes and unwrapped presents. I'm in that balancing act of enjoying the season and actually getting ready for the day. How are you feeling with the holiday eight days away? 

2018 Announcements

Did you get a chance to watch my Facebook Live video from last night? If not head to our Facebook page and watch my excitement as I shared our 2018 plans. 

This year SFTT will be focusing on the word: Connection. We are wired for connecting with others and not made to this life alone. Connecting you with other women will be the driving force behind all SFTT does this year. 

Starting in January will be introducing:

  • Our four new Content Authors: Missy, Amelia, Jess and myself
  • Private Facebook Group for email subscribers only
  • Content Author driven emails and social media posts 

More news about our Content Authors will be sent in next week's newsletter. 


The theme for the month of February will be on the topic of Friendship. Share a story about a friend that you helped through their trench or how a friend helped you through yours. Begin your friendship submission here. 

Have a story that doesn't fit our February theme? We are collecting stories for our March & April themes that will again be a melting pot of stories. Start the submission process today! 

Jen G.

Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

Whew do I feel better getting out that Facebook Live video. I've been containing my excitement all week and was just trying not to hold my breathe as I shared our 2018 plan. More than ever, I feel more focused, more determined for the direction and vision of SFTT. Bonus that I get to write more and share bigger pieces of myself with you all. I hope you jump into connecting with other trench sisters this year too!