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Happy Thanksgiving Week Trench Sisters!

I hope this Thanksgiving is a good one for you—a time with family and friends, a time to reflect on all the things you can be thankful for.

This week we will be focusing on gratitude and thankfulness. I know many of you are in the midst of the storm but I hope you take time this week to reflect on what you do have, the people who do surround you and the gifts you have been given. Whether the storm is raging or you have found peace - come join us on our Facebook page for daily prompts and conversations leading up to Thanksgiving day. 


Last week, author Catherine Grant shared about her experience with sexual abandonment that eventually led to divorce. You can still read her two part series below or on the website. Also if you missed our insightful Facebook Live, the video is up on our Facebook page. Catherine will be checking back on the post for comments, questions or encouragement. 

We are preparing our December series and in need of 6-8 stories to continue with our theme - Surviving the Holidays. Please consider sharing your story with the Trench Community. You can begin the process here

Jen G.

Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

Let me start Gratitude Week with my own list of just a few things I'm thankful for: 

  • For my patient generous husband who finds humor in my mischief and goes along with my crazy schemes. 
  • For my two beautiful daughters who bring so much joy & laughter to our home
  • For my Unicorn Posse who I could not get through this grieving life without their loyalty, wisdom and loving me in spite of myself. 
  • For you, Trench Community for because of you I have found many more reasons to get out of bed and find purpose for my aching heart. 

Head over to our Facebook page to share what you are grateful for. 


The Sexually Abandoned Spouse - Part I

I was two years into my first marriage. I had arrived at a sex toy party that a friend from work had thrown, shown up early, and brought a chocolate fountain. Later, in a circle of giggling, half-drunk women, the seller at the party pointed at me and said, “You’re the biggest prude in the room. You showed up early, brought food, you’ll help clean up, too. I’ve got you pegged.”

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The Sexually Abandoned Spouse - Part II

I always told myself that lack of sex was not a good enough reason to divorce someone, but after several tear-streaked conversations with friends who had no idea the personal hell I was going through, I realized how wrong I was. None of my extremely religious family members or friends blamed me at all for wanting to get out. Quite the opposite, they asked why I hadn't trusted anyone with my experience. My response was indignant and protective. It wasn't my place to tell the world about my husband's sexual dysfunction, so I'd ignored my own pain.

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