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Our Remembering You series continues this week with two more beautiful tributes to the babies, the dreams and the hopes a mother has for her children. This week Dawn & Darlene will tug at your heart and you will want to wrap them in a giant hug. 

I wanted to say again that I know reading about child loss is hard but our sisters are hurting whether we engage with them or not. We are a community that shows up for each other no matter the topic so I know you can do this. Please read, comment and share their stories. Also we will be having daily prompts on our Facebook page for you to join in discussion. 

You can still read our previous October authors - Amie & Jess - on the website or click on the link down below.


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Jen's Journal

I often talk about my Unicorn Posse, my tribe, my people. At the top of that chain is my best friend/twin/sister and this past weekend we celebrated 24 years of friendship at our 20th high school reunion. It was two nights of going to bed after 2am, five hours of wearing heels, smiling so much my face still aches and the best kind of belly laughter. Twin & I even got a hotel room together to continue the girl weekend which might have been the best decision of all. What kind of fun did you have this past weekend? 



There isn’t a moment that I forget about her.  There isn’t a day that I am not fueled by her brief life. I live my life for her, in honor of her, and with her spirit at the forefront of all that I do. 

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Your tiny fingers curled around mine. Isn't that amazing? That even in your stillness, your perfect little fingers seemed to grasp ahold of mine. It was proof of what I had known for nine magical months: that you were made for me, and I was made for you.

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