Additional Resources: Anxiety

This week, we heard stories from women who battle anxiety and depression on a daily basis—stories of struggle but also hope. We hope these additional resources offer strength and encouragement to those in this trench of anxiety, no matter how far along you are. Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!


"Tell Your Heart to Beat Again," by Danny Gokey

"10,000 Reasons," by Matt Redman

"How Great Thou Art," by Martina McBride

"All Things Possible," by Mark Schultz

"Whom Shall I Fear," by Chris Tomlin

"Amazing Grace (My Chain are Gone)," by Chris Tomlin

"Just Say Jesus," by 7eventh Time Down

"Jesus and Gravity," by Dolly Parton

"One Thing Remains," by Kristian Stanfill

"Move (Keep Walkin')," by Toby Mac

"Greater," Mercy Me

"Say Yes," Michelle Williams


Boundaries, by Henry Cloud and John Townsend (Amazon, B&N)

The Anxious Christian, by Rhett Smith (Amazon, B&N)


SAM App →

This is an anxiety tracker to help you recognize patterns in anxiety attacks, track your attacks, and develop your own personal toolbox of ways to work through anxiety.

Calm →

A meditation app with several free sessions (guided or unguided; the "body scan" sessions are a good place to start) and a selection of soothing sounds. Meditations can encourage mindfulness and help break the cycle of anxious thoughts.


Calm Clinic →

"Both Ryan Rivera and Rachel Ramos struggled for years with intense anxiety, and no one understood what they were dealing with. So they decided to create a website that actually helps people - a website that informs, and a website to help others realize they're not alone."

American Psychology Association →

"Our mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives."