Welcome to Stories from the Trenches!


Welcome, friends and trench dwellers! Today, we celebrate the launch of Stories from the Trenches!

I have been dreaming of a community for women that feels like pulling in close with good friends to story-share, to burden-unload. The kind of story-sharing that ends with some laughter and maybe a few tears, and you walk away feeling unconditional love. A place for women to feel supported, encouraged, and loved on during the muck of life. Voices that shout, "You are not alone!" intertwined with the quiet voices whispering, "I need some help over here." I hope you feel that here. I hope you dive into this community of brave women who have survived their trenches and learned how to move forward. Dive in with the shaky-footed women who are still struggling through the deepest part of the trench and need a lifeline. For we have all gone through trials, and we all have stories to share—so I hope you pull up a chair and stay awhile with the trench dwellers.

This month in the trenches, you will get to read stories from myself and the rest of the Stories from the Trenches (SFTT) team. To start, you get to read about the reason behind Stories from the Trenches, the story of my baby boy Eli. In the following weeks, all of my team members will be offering up stories of how they are connected to Eli and why they are passionate about SFTT. We are honored to open hearts and introduce ourselves to you. We feel that we cannot ask you to be brave and dive in if we don't do the same. By the end of the month, I hope you feel that you just met seven new friends, and I hope you will be encouraged in whatever trench you are in. The understanding is that you, like us, hurt in your own ways. Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gift.

Much love,
Jen G.