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Hey there, Trench Dwellers!

So many wonderful things happened for our Trench Community this week! First, if you are in the McHenry County area (Illinois), you will start seeing flyers up in various places. Second, Britni and I had several meetings regarding new avenues that Stories from the Trenches can begin to pursue. Lastly, our community was featured as the main cover story in the local paper on Sunday, both in print and online. Thanks to this article (read it here), we have had several new women join the Trench Community through our forums and our social media pages. We hope to continue pursuing local media outlets to get the word out.

Our third week of Surviving the Holidays focused on miscarriage and postpartum depression, two issues that many women suffer with but rarely talk about. I'm grateful for Jori and Lydia sharing their honest pain with us. You can read their stories on our blog.

The fourth and final week of the series touches back on chronic illness as my friend, Stephanie, shares how many holidays she has had to miss because of her disease. We will end the week with a video, so be sure to check back on Friday for a thank-you message to our Trench sisters.

Jen G.
Founder, Stories from the Trenches

Jen's Journal

I love leggings. I practically live in them, but for a holiday party this weekend I decided to switch it up and go with footless tights. I'd worn these particular pair once before with no problem, so I was quite annoyed when, mid-dinner, the darn things were starting to fall down. I excused myself to the bathroom to solve the problem and thought I was done with the annoyance.

After the party and since I was kid-free, I decided to head to Walmart to get the last-minute Christmas shopping over with. It should've been a quick in and out, but those darn tights kept falling down! I was walking down an aisle and could feel them inching down my legs. Suddenly, I was that crazy Walmart shopper hiking up my dress and pulling up my tights—and not just once, oh no, not twice, but four times! I was trying to hide as much as possible, but you know someone probably saw my nude-colored Spanx.

I hustled to my vehicle just as the tights fell to my ankles. I got home and ripped them off only to discover . . . I had them on backwards. Welcome to my quirks, sisters! So the moral of the story: always wear leggings. The darn footless tights are not worth it.

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Looking at her family, you would never know there is a child missing.

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