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Good morning, Trench Dwellers!

It has been quite a chaotic week for our country and, to be honest, for my heart. Watching hate grow and be hurled at our fellow man makes my heart hurt in ways I never imagined. We here at Stories from the Trenches want you to know that we love, encourage, support, and offer hope to ALL WOMEN. We stand for the broken, the hurting, the lost, the lonely. We share threads of life's awfulness in common—that bands us together, not divides us. Stories from the Trenches is a safe haven, a refuge for the wounded. You are welcomed and loved in this space.

Our week discussing Autism was a success even with the distractions of the news. If you haven't had a chance to read Suzanne or Carrie's stories, head over to the blog to gain insight into and wisdom from the life of moms with autistic sons.

This week's topic: adoption. Jessica shares what happens when the adoption doesn't go through, when the baby you held and started to call your own stays in the arms of the birth mother. Diana shares how she sees this country and racism so differently after adopting her son from Ethiopia. Both stories pack a punch, exposing what happens when you bravely open your arms and heart to a child that is not biologically yours.

According to Unicef, there are 140 million orphans worldwide. And the Dave Thomas Foundation reports that "81.5 million Americans have considered adoption. If just 1 in 500 of these adults adopted, every waiting child would have a permanent family." For more information about adoption, check out these two sites (or the many other online resources available): Show Hope and the Dave Thomas Foundation.

Jen G.
Founder, Stories from the Trenches

In all people I see myself, none more and not one a barley-corn less, And the good or bad I say of myself I say of them.
— Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Jen's Journal

My mind and heart were completely preoccupied this past week with the election and the election results. My focus was not on who was chosen to lead our country but the reaction on social media. I've been grieving the hatred, the mean-spirited divide that this election has created. I want to hug those who voted for the President-elect for now feeling like they are racists and bigots, and I want to hold my friends who are so very, very fearful from the outcome.

Both sides are so wounded, and I have no words for them—just my arms for big hugs and hands for tight squeezes. Whatever the future holds, I know this: love wins. Love wins every time, and we have an opportunity in this trench community to show that. We can band together and love on one another regardless of who we voted for because we are wounded women together, before we are red or blue. May you know and feel that love wins this week!

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Autism in a Nutshell

Hi! We are the Mitchell family. I am Suzanne. My husband Darin and I have been together since 1989 when I was just sixteen year old (now 43 . . . yikes). He was the bass player in my older brother’s band, and I was the cool “rocker” chick.

Our mutual love of rock-n-roll is what brought us together, and our deep love for each other and our little family is what has kept us going strong all these years.

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The Silent Anniversary

As I write this, it has been ten years—almost to the day—since our son Ted was diagnosed with autism. This is my husband’s and my story of the perpetual trench that this has brought our family, and how we have gotten through it.

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