Story Submission Policy and Licensing


By clicking the legal agreement checkbox on the story submission form, you (the “Author”) hereby irrevocably grants to Stories from the Trenches, Inc. (“Stories”) a royalty-free, non-exclusive license in perpetuity to print, publish, display, distribute and transmit your submission (hereafter referred to as the “Work”), whenever and wherever, at Stories’ sole discretion.  

Stories reserves the right to revise the Work for content, clarity, or for any other purpose. If any revisions are made to the Work, Stories shall provide the Author a copy of the revised Work, and the Author shall have five (5) business days to respond with any requested changes to the revised Work or request non-publication of the Work. If at the end of five (5) business days the Author has not responded with any requested changes, then Stories reserves the right to print, publish, display, distribute, transmit or further revise the Work, whenever and wherever, at Stories’ sole discretion.  

The Author’s execution of this Agreement also constitutes the Author’s acknowledgement and agreement that (i) the Work is original and created solely by the Author, (ii) that the Author is the sole author and sole proprietor of all rights in and to the Work, (iii) that the Work is not in the public domain, (iv) that the Work does not infringe on any personal or property rights of others, whether common law or statutory, (v) that the Work contain nothing libelous or contrary to law, and (vi) that the Author has full power to enter this Agreement.

The Author may or may not receive notification prior to print, publication, display, distribution or transmittal of the Work. The Author further understands that the Author will receive no monetary or other compensation for any printing, publication, display, distribution or transmission of the Work (or any portion thereof) by Stories. The Author will receive consideration for the grant of rights contained herein through proper attribution of Author’s creation of the Work if Stories is directed to do so by the Author.